New Feature – Neural Network-based Rain Predictor!

One of my motivators for collecting this data is to figure out how to make predictions using it. I have been running a neural network predictor using this data for a while now with the intent that I could publish rain probability in the future. I have it about ready to show an example. Picking today because the model has made a surprising rain prediction that I don’t understand. (posted on 6/18 at 4PM…)

See graph below to see some of the prediction results. Probability of Rain is predicted for the times referenced.

More on how to design this machine learning workflow.

Tucson Weather – 6/18/2019

Tucson has steadied into its early summer weather pattern. You can see this in the monthly plot below. Lower humidity and (of course!) higher temperatures dominate.

Don’t mind the glitch in the middle, my Raspberry Pi is getting tired and sometimes konks out on me when I go on travel!