COVID-19 Case Acceleration across US States – October 7th

As temperatures fall in different parts of the US, we’re starting to see case growth acceleration resume in some of the hardest-hit regions from the spring.

US State COVID-19 Data Table sorted by Case Acceleration (dIROC_confirmed) – 10/7/2020

Below we can see the table sorted by the acceleration of the death rate. These are pretty much the only states that are seeing increases of the rate.

US State COVID-19 Data Table sorted by Death Rate Acceleration (dIROC_confirmed) – 10/7/2020

Since New York seems to be re-emerging here with above average increases in the Case Rate and Death Rate, here’s their time series plots below, first Case Rate and then Death Rate. The Instantaneous Rate of Change for cases (IROC-Confirmed) is around 1000 new cases per day. For deaths the IROC is about 20 new deaths per day. Both of these values are growing. You can visibly see the Case rate increasing (the cumulative case line is curving upward) but the Death rate increase is a bit too small still to visualize well (but you can see the polynomial fit starting to show the upward curve).

New York state Cumulative Case curve plus 3rd order polynomial fit. 10/7/2020
New York state Cumulative Death curve plus curve fit. 10/7/2020

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