Tucson weather – Windy days! 11/15/2018

Over the last 2 days (11/13-14) we had quite a bit of wind in Tucson.  These are probably the same winds that plagued California and spread wildfires over the weekend.  The winds drove the humidity way down and the temperature followed.  Note the large pressure spike (it went just off the scale on Monday).  This gradient must have drug the winds along with it, I suppose.

I’m curious about the luminosity spike (both visual and IR) yesterday, because it wasn’t noticeably brighter than the previous few days.  Will be watching to see if this is a trend.  One hypothesis is that the wind knocked down some leaves from the mulberry tree that protects my porch (and therefore, the weather data collection rig).


Tucson Weather – Monsoon is behind us, Good Weather ahead! 11/12/18

Here’s an interesting view at the last month.  Traditionally, Tucsonans know that Tucson weather changes quickly in the fall from summer to winter.  This change is always welcomed, but it also means that Thanksgiving always sneaks up on us.

The plot below shows the drama of this changeover in the last month from higher temperatures to lower.  Plus, you can see the timeperiod in the middle where the change seems to have been put into motion by a storm event (see the lightning spikes in blue).   After those 6 days of cloudy and stormy weather, we have slipped into a pretty predictable pattern with no clouds and gradually decreasing temperatures.  Looks like something must be happening today with the high pressure and lower temperatures, though.