COVID-19 Update: Post-Lockdown Outbreaks

We’re seeing Case Growth in various regions and this is being noticed by news media, etc. It isn’t clear yet what is causing the new case growth, but states exiting lockdowns are probably a part of the reason at least. Here are some visualizations about one week apart to give kind of a time-lapse effect on case growth. Note that these diagrams are straight counts of cases and deaths (not normalized by population). This may give the effect that a region with a large population is being hard hit when they may not be… Also, these snapshots show one day’s numbers, not cumulative counts.

The Color represents the number of new cases, the diameter of the bubble represents the number of new deaths.

Data from 6/3/2020

Case and Death numbers from 6/3/2020

Data from 5/27/2020

Case and Death numbers from 5/27/2020

Data from 5/20/2020

Case and Death numbers from 5/20/2020

Data from 5/13/2020

Case and Death numbers from 5/13/2020

Data from 5/6/2020

Case and Death numbers from 5/6/2020


Take a look at the images above. We have seen lots of different phases of this disease in the last month and clearly things change fast. A few things to take away:

  1. Deaths are significantly down. It seems like this is the case across the country, especially in the Northeast region.
  2. Cases are up in certain regions. California and Illinois are seeing new cases and both are seeing deaths. However, there are numerous regions with cases and zero deaths that don’t show up because the diameter of the bubble (deaths) is so small. Perhaps this is good and is a picture of where we are re: treating this virus. Or maybe the deaths will start increasing in these regions in the next few days.
  3. Overall, Cases are down. Note that the legend on the colorbar tops out at ~3500 on 5/6 but on the most recent chart it’s about ~1000. This is because case counts were higher overall a month ago.
  4. Most regions are still relatively untouched by COVID-19.

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