COVID-19 Update: US States COVID-19 data and growth rates by Latitude

Here’s a bit of an update on cases/deaths per 1000 population and the growth rates of cases/deaths per 1000 by latitude range. Below are the cumulative numbers of cases and deaths per 1000 summed up by latitude. It’s no surprise that the 40-45 band has been by far the hardest hit region. Now we’re seeing things slow down in these regions.

US Cases and Deaths per 1000 population by latitude ranges

The next chart show the current Case and Death per 1000 rates. You can think of these as the current “hot spots”. These hot spots may have high rates for a while or they may decrease sharply tomorrow. This is just an indicator of where cases and deaths are happening right now.

Growth Rates of US Cases and Deaths per 1000 population by latitude ranges


The blue-salmon chart at the top is relatively fixed and probably looks the same as it did last time you saw it. The 40-45 latitude is still by far the hardest hit (all the Northeast states, Michigan, Washington state, Illinois are in this band) and it still has a pretty high growth rate. However, we see the 35-40 region (DC, Maryland, Las Vegas) having the highest growth rates at the moment. Does this mean the virus is shifting to other regions? I’m not sure, but things seem to be changing. Rates may still be positive and some rates are increasing, but nothing like they did during the early phases of the outbreak. Deaths, likewise, seem to have slowed significantly in all regions. If this is due to better awareness by the population and better understanding of the disease by the medical world, then it does seem like the lockdown did buy us some time.

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