COVID-19 US Update – 3/30/2020

Map of New Cases (diameter of bubbles) and Total Cases (color of bubbles)

Update: 3/29 saw large bursts of new cases in Cook County, IL (Chicago), Miami/Dade County, FL, Harris County, TX (Houston), and numerous NY, NJ, CT, and RI counties. Below we see the top states by delta instantaneous rate of change of deaths per 1000 persons. This is essentially the tangent of the curve. As we all suspect, these curves are still in their accelerating phases, so the IROC is a much better way to measure the severity of the situation than a linear fit (my old method). The delta IROC that the table is sorted by shows the change in the IROC over the last two days. As the situation gets further along, I will likely expand that to 4 days. Then we should have a number that will tell us when we leave the accelerating phase and move into the decelerating phase.

States sorted by Delta instantaneous rate of change of their Deaths per 1000 curve.

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