Arizona Case Growth Visual – 1/13/21

Here’s a map of the top 200 AZ zip codes by COVID case growth between 12/21 and 1/13.

Note that the dark blue dots are around 20% growth over these 3 weeks and the orange and red dots are around 80% and 90% growth. That’s a pretty big range.

The zip codes with higher percent growth look to be on the fringes of the more dense, inner city zip codes. See how the Dark Blue seems to be ringed by lighter greens and yellows in the Phoenix area. This may be a factor of how this is measuring growth as a percentage of what it was 3 weeks ago as opposed to raw case increases. Might be interesting to think about.

Lots of zip codes in small towns in rural counties with large percent increases in cases.

Map of top 200 AZ zip codes by case growth from 12/21 to 1/13

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